Borderlines – Mad Pride art show at Gallery Gachet

Adapted by Diane Wood from a statement by Gallery Gachet

mad-pride-copyJune 14th – July 28th, 2013
Opening reception: Fri June 14th, 7 – 10pm
Mad Pride Cabaret: Sat July 13th, 7 – 10:30pm
At the Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver

When does a behaviour, mood, thought become a disorder?  BorderLines is a group art exhibition about behaviour, mood and thoughts as seen by contemporary Western medicine. Mental illness labelling can be destructive and limiting; it can also help us understand behaviour. Ten artists – Persimmon Blackbridge, Susanna Blunt, Olga Campbell, Eric Deis, Bernadine Fox, Eve Lagarde, Mark Mizgala, Jay Peachy, Matt Sabourin, and Linda Schmidt – will question these boundaries and boxes, working in a variety of interdisciplinary media. All of the artists were chosen because of the ways in which they already think outside of societal boundaries and challenge classifications. Some have worked in mental health as caregivers, and others have personal experience of this subject matter.

The exhibit is curated by artist Pierre Leichner (who was a psychiatrist for over 35 years), in conjunction with…It’s a Mad World.

In celebration of Mad Pride 2013, local creative and mad artists from the gallery and community are featured in our Salon Shop.

Mad Pride is an international movement created by psychiatric survivors, folks labelled “mad” and “crazy”, and our allies. We are mad. We are crazy. And we are damn proud to be. We believe madness is a completely well-adjusted response to living in such a mad world. That’s the theme for this exhibit – how we deal with the concept of “madness” in a world like this.

For more info, please contact or call 604 687 2468.

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