Wheel of Misfortune to spin at October’s SRO Tenant Convention

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The second annual SRO Tenant Convention is coming up on Sunday October 18th, 10am-5pm at the Vancouver Japanese Language Hall at 487 Alexander Street. This year’s convention promises to be even more spectacular than last year’s event, with lots of exciting activities throughout the day, delicious food, and lots of door and cash prizes of $100, $50, $25 to be won.

This year’s convention will include various organizations from around the city and they will be here to assist you with your health and housing issues, so check them out! In doing so, you will be automatically entered into the final cash draw at the end of the day. There will be pest control people and city inspectors, as well as reps from B.C. Housing, First United Church, Right to Remain, BC Evictions Study, and Women Against Violence Against Women. All these and so much more will be here to help you and to provide you with insightful information that you may not even be aware of, so make good use of their time and services.

This year’s event will also include a new component to the convention. As we are all aware, Chinese tenants are also facing similar challenges. There will be Chinese language interpretation at the event. So, welcome all our Chinese brothers and sisters to the convention.

If you attended last year’s convention, you will know that the SRO Collaborative was in its infancy, so find out what the SRO Collaborative has been up to this past year and what they have done to support SRO tenants in the DTES.

This year there will be plenty of entertainment from our very own musicians from the DTES. Our added Chinese component this year will include lion dancing, so be sure to check that out. Live entertainment! It’s all for your enjoyment.

Also, new this year is the Wheel of Misfortune with your chance to win some prizes to humour you. Thank you to CCAP for organizing this fun filled twist on this classic game show.

Elder Roberta Price from the Vancouver Native Health Society will do the honours this year and perform the opening ceremony with Elder Bruce Robinson doing the honours and ending the day with a closing ceremony. Thank you Elders.

Join us this year for the 2nd annual SRO Tenant Convention and bring a friend! Be sure to attend before noon to participate in the service fair and be entered into the cash draw.

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