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A disingenuous thank you: BC Liberals pose over the bodies of the thousand lost to overdoses

On February 20 of this year, a letter went out from Health Minister Terry Lake and Solicitor General Clayton Pecknold to organizations, agencies, and staff rooms all across the province expressing “gratitude” for our collective response to what is being called the “overdose crisis”. This letter, dripping in sugary sincerity, reads like exhibit A for the defence in a class action law suit against the province for throwing what they term “first responders” under the bus. In one small paragraph the Ministers thanks, in order: “BC Health Services, fire fighters, regional health authorities [you’ve gotta be kidding me!], municipal police[!?], RCMP[!?!], housing providers, contracted agencies, and other community staff volunteers, peers, friends, and loved ones.” Ok… I’ll come back to this in a moment. (…)

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