Jacqueline Sine

Poems by Jacqueline Sine


Throughout the moments, the moments of truth. / Staying positive, happy, and strong. / Curiosity for whats next. / Having my life getting on track. / Chilling here with my big fat cat. / Eight and half years has now past. / Since I first saw him, under that barn. / Minus twenty in the cold, little cries heard in the distance. / Looking around with my two sisters in the icy winter-land. / An old barn was coming our way. As we closed in, then, JUST! / Four, four babies yelping for our help. / Freezing away their bones in pain. / The three of us picked them up, brought them back to safety. / All those years now has past. / All of us grown up. / Crazy to think that was so long ago. Here I am back under their roof. (…)