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wolverineIn Memory of Wolverine

Love, respect, hope, strength, and a deep thirst for freedom and justice flowed through Wolverine’s Memorial held a few days after the 84-year-old warrior released his spirit on March 22nd, World Water Day. Water was one sacred resource he fought for until the end of his days, leaving the community a legacy to continue to defend.Wolverine also fought to defend Indigenous territory. In December 2015 he sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (printed in the last Volcano) demanding a federal public inquiry into the Ts’Peten/Gustafsen Lake Standoff (1995), the confrontation between Secwepemc people and RCMP. (…)

canadian-refugee-camp-graphSeeking Refuge

originally published in Undoing Border Imperialism

Fear, silence, distrust, isolation, mental distress, poverty, debts, helplessness, sleepless nights, and self-doubt—these are the characteristics of being a refugee in Canada. I am a Mexican writer and journalist, but I could be a Palestinian refugee running from violence and occupation, or a Latin American migrant farmworker who has had to leave her motherland because of starvation-level poverty. My husband and I came in 2008 to Vancouver as refugees after I uncovered corruption in the federal cultural institution in Mexico. I fled harassment, intimidation, and death threats. When I arrived, as is the situation for many refugee claimants, I looked for support through agencies. My husband and I had to wait a long time to get a temporary work permit; it was even harder trying to find a job. We were struggling to adapt to Canadian society, and spent our time volunteering while juggling bureaucratic requirements for immigration and preparing our case. We hired a lawyer who said my evidence was strong enough to meet the strict test in Canada and that I would get protection. But soon I realized how difficult it was; I think I can better describe it as torment. (…)