Mercedes Eng

Articles and poetry by Mercedes Eng

prisoners_justice_engfrom *prison industrial complex explodes*

Carole is a ghost mama / whispering into the ears / of the fertile red nation // plant seeds in the ground / and in the womb / ground zero for the revolution // while Jessi is in belly, before Jessi’s bug eyes can open / Carole shows her the world

bilde-copyDisplacement – Past, Present, Future

with Dave Diewert

The forces that drive people out of their homes and communities and off their land have a long history in the Downtown Eastside. (…)

Lily Shinde

“My activism goes beyond the personal” – an Interview with Japanese Canadian activist Lily Shinde

In 1942 my mother with six children, along with about a 1000 other Japanese Canadians, were interned to Greenwood, BC, a small mining ghost-town. My father was sent to a labour camp in the neighbouring town of Grand Forks. (…)

dtenews_spread_v03 (1)How it is (Hastings Street November 2007-September 2012)

A poem by Mercedes Eng featured as the inside spread of the Downtown East June 2013 issue.

Chinese women seniors carry the DTES Womens' Centre banner

A Chinese elder’s commitment to the DTES community

I recently met with Sheung Leung, a Chinese elder better know as Popo Su, and Deanna Wong, the Chinese Seniors Outreach coordinator at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. (…)