Phuong Na (Tony) Du

Articles by the family of Phuong Na (Tony) Du

phuong-na-du-memorial_grey1Honouring the Life of Phuong Na (Tony) Du

On November 22, a great tragedy befell our community one that has made us all question what is right and what is wrong. In the aftermath, a mother lost her son, brothers and sisters lost their sibling and the world was deprived of a gentle soul. Tony was the second youngest sibling in his family. But looking at Tony you would never think that he was one of the runts of the litter. His sisters recall many fond memories of their brother playing and having fun as a child but the most universal part of Tony’s presence that he carried over into adulthood was his happiness. His smiles were ear to ear and his laughter echoed far and wide to the point where you could not help but share in his happiness. (…)