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1truth11-copyMy Thoughts on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

In my lifetime, I have heard or read about historic events that have occurred in this world. The death of a British Prime Minister, assassination of two brothers, man on the moon, death of a man with a dream; an inept apology from a man who continues with his government’s policies to suppress and deprive this country’s First Nations’ people (Indians) of their share in the abundance of natural resources that he offers so freely to the world. Recently, I had the honour of attending the Truth and Reconciliation Commission  (TRC) event in Vancouver. It was an emotional experience for me. To see elders cry, relate their stories, meet old friends. Not everyone I talked to was happy with the event. Some survivors felt that it was a total waste of money; for some it was a chance to share experiences that they have carried by themselves for far too long. (…)