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New DNC Board Elected

On December 8th 2012, the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council held elections for a new board for the upcoming year of organizing and actions. Board positions are divided according to housing type, in rough proportion to the housing types in the DTES, with a total of seventeen elected board seats. This includes five seats each for representatives living in social housing (government subsidized including co-ops and supportive housing) and SRO hotels, three seats for representatives living in market housing and four seats for those living outside, in a shelter or in assisted living. (…)

kerryporthSex workers challenge the law – Interview with Kerry Porth about the Bedford supreme court challenge

In August the Downtown East spoke to Kerry Porth (Pivot Legal Society board; former executive director, PACE) to discuss the significance of a Supreme Court challenge to three laws that currently criminalize sex work in Canada. On June 13th, Kerry went to the Supreme Court hearing with a DTES contingent, organized by Sex Workers United Against Violence (SWUAV) and Pivot Legal Society. (…)

louise-copyHome Turf – A sex worker speaks out against gentrification

with Lu Lu Bordeaux

The invasion of high end businesses and expensive condos into the Downtown Eastside has brought pressure against women working in street level sex work. The changes in the neighbourhood threaten¬† to drive them away from the area that they are most safe and comfortable working. Many street level sex workers choose to work in the DTES because it is an affordable and familiar community. Resources for sex workers are close and accessible. WISH, for example, is a drop in for women who are formerly and currently active in the sex trade. It’s located in the community and provides support, supplies, clothing, food and medical care. Having access to these services is important for the many women who are working independently as sex workers in the DTES. (…)