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The Fiery File – A vision for organizing action against displacement in 2015

The Social Housing Alliance formed in the lead-up to the provincial election of 2013 to face the imminent threat to social housing programs in British Columbia. Since the economic and political world order known as neoliberalism began in the mid-1980s, Canada’s social housing programs (funded during the postwar social democratic days through tax dollars levied by all three levels of government) have been gutted, wrecked and tossed on the pile of those social goods sacrificed to the market gods. As a result, since the BC Liberal government has brought its neoliberal program to the province in 2001, homelessness has gone up about 300%…. What should we do? While we pledge to continue our collaborative and coalition work with allied organizations and people in struggle throughout British Columbia, in 2015 we will take on the following four strategies and actions to build the anti-displacement movement we need in order to survive and develop grassroots power. (…)

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