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neverhome-kgang-copyCanada’s Refugee Crisis

Over the past month the plight of refugees has been gaining attention in mainstream and social media. When the bodies of the Kurdi family were found on Turkish shores as they tried to reach Greece by boat, it seemed the tragedy and injustice faced by the 60 million global refugees finally had faces and stories beyond just statistics – albeit too late for Alan, Ghalib and their mother Rehanna Kurdi, as well as the countless others we have lost. (…)

canada_is_a_racist_stateThe Myth of the Wealthy Asian Invader

As low income and working residents of Vancouver continue to face the devastating consequences of an affordable housing crisis, many of us grapple with how this happened and how we can change it.  Unfortunately an ugly part of Vancouver’s racist history is rearing its head yet again when media attribute the cause of the lack of affordable housing to the imaginary throes of invading Asian investors. Thankfully some people have researched and debunked the myth of the Asian invaders and through their research bring light to how these racist ideas distract from the real culprits responsible for the lack of affordable housing. (…)


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