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Tracey Morrison at the March 11, 2014 paint-in at the DTES copshop

Aboriginal Healing Centre – we’re a person, not an addiction

During the Downtown Eastside Local Area Planning Process, LAP committee reps Tracey Morrison and Victoria Bull kept bringing up the idea of having an Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Centre in the DTES. When people went to City Council to speak on the Plan numerous people spoke in favour of the Centre and Council agreed that staff should try to put a plan together to get one built. The DT East interviewed Tracey Morrison about her view of what the Centre should be. (…)

Tracey Morrison speaking at City Hall during protest against Pantages condos (pic. Mainlander)

For the Love of Our Community

I’m from Morson, Ontario, near Minnesota close to the Manitoba border. I’m from the Ojibway Nation from Big Grassy reserve. I’m adopted. My uncle and aunt adopted me and my siblings– six of us from the same biological parents. My real dad and my adopted dad are brothers. And my adopted mom is Caucasian. I grew up as Mennonite. (…)


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