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WandaHomeless on the Strip in Surrey

My name is Wanda and I live in Surrey on the strip (135A Street). I’ve been on the strip for 2 years now. I lost my home over two years ago, and it’s been a struggle. Everybody has their own reasons for being here, everybody has their own issues. I don’t know them all, I can only speak for myself. City bylaw officers came to the home I was living in; it was being run by a scumlord and they closed the house down because it wasn’t up to code. Ever since then it has been a battle to find a home. There are no places that are affordable out here in Surrey. Anything that’s within my budget is so disgusting; I won’t live in a cockroach infested place. And I won’t leave Surrey because this is where all my friends and family are; and I grew up here and I don’t feel comfortable leaving. (…)

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