Downtown East

The Downtown East Newspaper was founded in 2012 and printed issues every 2-3 months. In spring of 2015, the Downtown East became The Volcano retaining many of the same editorial collective members and bringing in new ones. Browse some of the Downtown East issues below:

dt-east_august2014_coverAugust 2014

Special issue on Tent Cities

may_2014_draft_3rd-1May 2014

Poster series: Lippmanopoloy; Remembering activist and poet Bud Osborn; City planning problems; Anti-gentrification; Pipelines and the housing crisis; Victory at Chau Luen Tower!; DTES Local Area Plan; We need an Aboriginal Healing Centre; PHS scandal; and more


February 2014

Poster series: The social housing we fight for, the social housing we have; Missing & Murdered Women’s Memorial March; In memory of Lucia Varga Jimenez; Reflections on City Planning; Abbotsford Shuffle; Responding to Chinese head tax redress; and more


November 2013

Poster series: Home Sweet Home – but for how long?; Displacement histories; Mental health crisis?; Gentrification; Subsidies to developers; City planning; The future of the DTES; Japanese redress movement and reflections; and more


August 2013

Picketing the restaurants gentrifying the DTES; Indigenous struggles on the land; “The Hotel Study” and institutionalization; Kerry Porth on the Bedford decision; Transit changes hurt l0w-income people; and more


June 2013

The effects of gentrification on low-income community culture; 5 point plan for DTES social justice zone; Sex worker safety; Lavish funding to new art palace; Interview with Popo Su, Chinese Elder; Deceptive “good neighbour” agreements; and more


April 2013

Homeless Dave’s hunger strike against the DTES housing crisis; Sanctuary City from below; No to immigration officers in the DTES; Hipsters and gentrification; Canadian prison racism; and more

mar2013_front pageMarch 2013

Special issue on the Pidgin Picket against restaurant and retail gentrification in the DTES; Review of My Brooklyn; The value of low-income community spaces in the DTES; and more

feb2013_dteast_pg1_page_1 (1)

February 2013

Idle No More; 2013 BC Provincial election; Police violence in Northern BC; Myth of the Wealthy Asian Investor; and more

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