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Marxist Women’s School

February 25, 2017- 11:00 am - 10:30 pm

* The Young Communist League – Vancouver Presents *
Marxist Women’s School
Saturday, February 25th @ The Centre For Socialist Education
706 Clark Dr. Unceded Coast Salish Territories

* Full Day *
* Food Provided *

Want to know more about how capitalism oppresses women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ folks? Seeking ways to fight capitalism and bring about real change while meeting some rad people? Join the Young Communist League in our women’s school on how Marxism guides the struggle against patriarchy in today’s world! We will address a variety of topics from feminist theory, LGBTQ+ struggles, and gender, race and imperialism, all with a Marxist lens.

The school will focus on introducing these topics, and invites discussion and participant involvement. Any level of participation is welcome, while keeping in mind that male-identified folks are encouraged to practice active listening. Vegetarian breakfast and lunch will be provided, and folks are welcome to show up anytime. Stick around because the school will be followed by dinner by donation and a social with beverages, open mic, music and women’s trivia! Why a women’s school?

Over many years, women have been fighting against patriarchal oppression. As Marxists, we need to question how Patriarchy and Racism are linked to Capitalism and how the oppression of women and racialized peoples became intrinsic components of the capitalist system. As such, it is important to understand the role of gendered and racialized oppression within the capitalist system, rather than assuming they are separate from it. The women’s struggle past and present shows us that we must not only push back against the capitalist, racist patriarchy, but break it. In fact, one hundred years ago, on February 1917, 50,000 women poured out of the factories and onto the streets, sparking the first revolution in Russia that would eventually lead to the downfall of the Tsar and their anti-woman policies. Revolution is possible, and united women, racialized, LGBTQ+ and gender oppressed folks will be at the forefront of this movement. Building a truly intersectional movement and educating ourselves is an essential part of strengthening this movement against capitalism.

In her latest interview, Angela Davis makes a strong point regarding the changes happening under capitalism, stating: “The left, as we have known it, as important as it has been, cannot remain the same force until it adequately counters these developments. Therefore, it is important for the left to recognise that the constitution of the global working classes is very different now. In many ways the left is still dealing with this notion of the working classes as male, or white male, as in the case of the US. I think feminism, radical feminism, radical anti-racist and anti-capitalist feminism helps us to do the reconceptualisation that is necessary in order to produce a left that is more in line with the vast changes that have occurred in the era of global capitalism, recognising the feminisation of the working class, the structural shifts in the global economy, of the fact that some industries are largely populated by women, industries that rely on reproductive labour, of care industries, domestic service, health care, etc. It seems to me that in many ways, unions around the world are not willing to recognise those changes. To organise the unorganised, at this moment, is to organise women.”

Learn to struggle, struggle to learn. See you there!

*This event takes place on unceeded Coast Salish territory, and we recognize that in acknowledging this, it reminds us that we must always be struggling to decolonize our work.*

*This event is a safe space for LGBTQIA2 folks, people of colour and women identified folks. Sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and any other oppressive behaviours will not be tolerated.*

11:00- 11:30- Breakfast
11:30-1:00- Marxist-Feminist Theory and Practice
1:00-2:00- Lunch Provided (by men)
2:00- 3:15- Colonialism & Imperialism with a Gender Lens
3:30-4:45- The LGBTQ+ Struggle Through a Marxist Lens
5:00-10:30- Dinner and Social with Women’s Trivia and Open Mic

Please share Our Poster and Spread the Word!
Poster: Made By Meg Iversen
Original Art: “Judith Slaying Holofernes” by Artemisia Gentileschi
Representing: Women Resisting and Fighting Fascism!


February 25, 2017
11:00 am - 10:30 pm


Dogwood Centre for Socialist Education
706 Clark Drive
Vancouver, Canada


Dogwood Centre for Socialist Education
Young Communist League – Vancouver