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victoria_stoppoorbashing_signs_picA grassroots reply to the City of Victoria’s “Sheltering Solutions”: The Needs of the Homeless in the Interests of the Housed

By Ashley Mollison and Flora Pagan

September 15, 2015

On September 16, the City of Victoria will host a “Sheltering Solutions” workshop for the general public to help identify temporary solutions to homelessness. We applaud the City for including accessibility measures to encourage participation from people with lived experience of homelessness (i.e., offering food, stipends for participation and childcare). However, we feel there is a larger question that needs to be asked: how should decisions about responding to homelessness be made and who should be making decisions about services for those who are homeless? (…)

557-e-cordova-renderProposed condos next door to Oppenheimer Park already hurting low-income residents

By Ivan Drury

March 23, 2013

Daniel Boffo is a young developer born into a family real estate development company far from poverty and the streets. That’s why, at last month’s public information meeting about the condo project he wants to build on the block between Oppenheimer and the UGM shelter, I was astonished to hear him compare himself to people on welfare living in nearby SRO hotel rooms. (…)