Statements from residents of Park Mobile facing displacement in Surrey

“With a yard and 1,100 sq ft living space…we will never, on our PWD cheque, find anything close or even be able to afford a new place! We feel betrayed as we bought with these years in mind. Patricia is suffering major depression…and all of this is taking its toll on our health.” – Patricia and Ben, 14-year homeowners at Park

“This could mean utter disaster. It’s impossible to find affordable housing on a disability. The feelings of safety in this community have really helped me emotionally. I fear stress will cause my cancer to reoccur and pre demolition work is effecting my breathing. I also question the speed of this process…it’s seems money has expressed the pace and overruled protocol.” – Brandee, one year homeowner at Park

“Where am I going to go? I only receive $900 on disability. There is no affordable housing like what I have. My friends, dog, yard, gardening has kept me going. I use a walker and all of my family lives within a block of here” – Morris, 64, 10-year homeowner at Park

“I love my home and planned to spend the rest of my years here. Where am I going to go? I never thought I’d ever be kicked out of my own home. I am weak, shaking, sick…how can someone do this to me? I’m going to be homeless at 83 years old? I will be left with nothing if I don’t at least get the value of my home.” – Patricia, 83, 23-year homeowner at Park

“I am a 42 year old single mom with 2 kids and I have cerebral palsy. This has been devastating to me.” – Tina, 7-year homeowner at Park

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