The Trans-Pacific-Partnership Agreement is a Deathstar*: By Formerly Homeless Dave



You have probably heard of the TPP by now. If you associate with progressive politics, you probably read and heard a lot of dire things about it. What’s worse is its all true. We have heard famed academics and economists speak of it as a Trojan horse, being injected into our political, social and economic system.

Nobel Economist Joeph Stiglitz says the TPP is not a trade agreement but a legal apparatus to reward the rich and powerful and punish the poor, weak and everyone else.

Noam Chomsky, says it’s a neo-liberal assault, created in secret by corporations and their enablers, those in political power at the Federal level. He says its about limiting regulations and laws, that get in the way of corporate interests. For example, we have the case of Trans-Canada Pipeline (KXL) which is suing the US Gov for $15Billion under the NAFTA trade agreement, because of its rejection.

The TPP is about maximizing profits and domination of the local and global ruling classes. It is about ensuring that any social and political will to significantly cap CO2 emissions could be legally thwarted, under the TPP Secret Private Unelected Unaccountable Tribunal.

It is about pitting working-class people across the globe against each other in order to lower wages and create greater insecurity. Hence it has a Security State emphasis.

But there is a fight within the Global Elite. Today the World Bank said the TPP will not benefit the US, Canada, or Australia.

Also just out the GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT AND ENVIRONMENT INSTITUTE of Tufts University says “TPP would generate net losses of GDP in the United States and Japan.” It goes on to say it will cause greater inequality through lower wages and lost jobs.

The TPP effects everything negatively from food to food labeling, intellectual property, copyright. internet access and freedom. It rewards Big Pharma with big profits while cutting off access to cheap generic drugs. It threatens Universal Health Care programs with a push to greater privatization.

To show you how corrupt the TPP is, US president Obama was just cheered by the right wing Republican Party at his last State of the Union Address, when he called for its swift passing.

Worse, Obama got former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to promote it. Many see Kissinger as a living War Criminal. But the icing on the cake has to be Obama getting Colin Powell to sell the TPP. Truly a “Known Unknown,” General Powell was the one President GW Bush sent to the UN and Congress to lie to them in order to go to War with Iraq. You’ll remember- Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

The Reality in this upside down world is the TPP and its ilk are Weapons of Mass Destruction, like the STAR WARS DeathStar*

The Battle for Democracy, Equality, Justice, FreeSpeech, the Earth, Indigenous Sovereignty and Humanity has begun…

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