Will No One Heed My Call?


Will no one heed my call?

anxiety stole many asleep my daughter’s high school years and thought am I the only one fretting the dreaded eviction slip anonymously slid under the door


we fled violence in a hot summer day 4 years ago to day ~

how do we make this new postal code our home ~~

yet we live under the radar taking first nervous steps


step into metrotown of all places

we want to stay in the school district we learn


awkwardly at first we stumble as the wounded often do

and like a fawn learning to trust their strength and live with gravity fell on our face many a time


new strength from safety of our neighborhood grow past surviving to even thriving!!!


then the monster highrises appear with threatening even pounding speed


shadows taunting “you are next indeed”


then a stranger in the dark ~ shares a shell of a space to the most  vulnerable ~ more vulnerable than me


he tells me of an alliance


I wasn’t going out of my mind and the anxiety is real


then out of the dark another appears followed by two then three


in the dawn I see… they who even foreseen the daunting Demovictions


some won definitely

heed my call


now I learn my voice and stand with my neighbor who asks “does any one heed my call?”

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