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diane-dollThe Rebel Queen

I’m asking why women’s achievements are written out of history by making Feminist Zombie Dolls. I’m researching and creating notorious bad girls and freedom fighters. These strong, independent women swam against the tide of their times, and challenged the public belief: “You can’t do that because you’re a WOMAN!” (…)

dtenews_spread_lores (1)Home Sweet Home… but for how long? (Downtown East poster series)

This poster was featured as the inside spread for the Downtown East November 2013 issue.


Park-a-palooza and artists at Oppenheimer Park

My first reaction to the theme of this year’s show was a defensive reaction to calling art “fun”. Many local artists have chosen this as our career, and it’s our livelihood. It’s not a “hobby”, we’re not “Sunday painters”, we work on our creations every day. Community activist Karen Ward says, “Art is a way of life.” Yoko Ono (not from the DTES) says, “Art is a means for survival.” (…)

gachetartshowartCollective Habitat, art show at Gallery Gachet

Collective Habitat is an Art show at the Gallery Gachet at 88 E. Cordova. Twenty seven past or present members of the Gachet collective are involved. The curator, Bernadine Fox, asked the artists for work representing their relationship to the Gachet. (…)

BorderlinesBORDERLINES – An interview with Pierre Leichner

Pierre Leichner curated the BORDERLINES art exhibition at the Gallery Gachet on Cordova St. from June 14 – July 28, 2013. He chose the name to represent lines being drawn, where you’re in or you’re out. It also refers to the diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder.People with BPD resist authority and get angry when told what to do. (…)

questwebsitelogoQUEST – Putting your money where your mouth is

Quest isn’t a food bank; it sells food and household items at reduced prices. It’s specifically for the low-income community. Shoppers must have a referral from a social service organization, so no “walk ins”. What a switch from the way things usually are, where the poor people are usually turned away, not the rich ones! (…)

mad-pride-copyBorderlines – Mad Pride art show at Gallery Gachet

When does a behaviour, mood, thought become a disorder?  BorderLines is a group art exhibition about behaviour, mood and thoughts as seen by contemporary Western medicine. Mental illness labelling can be destructive and limiting; it can also help us understand behaviour. Ten artists – Persimmon Blackbridge, Susanna Blunt, Olga Campbell, Eric Deis, Bernadine Fox, Eve Lagarde, Mark Mizgala, Jay Peachy, Matt Sabourin, and Linda Schmidt – will question these boundaries and boxes, working in a variety of interdisciplinary media. (…)

new-picket-picture-copyMyths and Facts About the Downtown Eastside and Pidgin

with Jean Swanson

Myth:  Diners will learn more about the DTES by dining in fancy restaurants that the locals can’t afford. Fact:  Outsiders could learn more about the area by volunteering in one of the groups that are working for change and actually talking to residents who are living in the area. (…)

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