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Indigenous youth in care – the continuation of the residential school system in British Columbia

The situation for Indigenous youth across Canada is dire, and British Columbia is no exception. (…)

Simon Fraser University kills its Indigenous education program, continuing its legacy of mismanaging Indigenous education funding

Late in the afternoon on Wednesday April 19th, I received a public email from Peter Keller of the VP Academics Office at SFU notifying us that, very suddenly, the Aboriginal University Prep Program (AUPP) was being cut. (…)

Indigenous land defenders call for the creation of the Sacred Fire Network

On the weekend of Friday March 24th to Sunday March 26th, Indigenous land defenders are converging in Vancouver, unceded Coast Salish Territories. (…)

mountcurriebandblockade_okaCanada is not our only enemy – An anti-colonial perspective on foreign investment in British Columbia

My talk tonight hinges on making some beginning connections between what we term settler colonialism in the context of B.C and wider forms of imperialism that are related aspects of the global economy. (…)

superintentcityLiberation & Decolonization – Discussion groups change our hearts and minds

During our summit gathering communities across southern B.C., we decided that “liberation & decolonization” was a major point of unity among our many groups. (…)

knight_gale-pass-booms-2016-10-16_credit-ian-mcallister-for-pacific-wildOil spill near Bella Bella reveals lack of nation-to-nation relationships and respect for Indigenous territorial sovereignty

On October 13, 2016 the Nathan E. Stewart tug pushing a barge crashed and sank off the coast of Bella Bella, in the Great Bear Rainforest, Heiltsuk territory. (…)

alfredolangomemorialThe veil of whiteness – notes on the Black revolts in Charlotte and El Cajon from Vancouver

On September 20th in Charlotte, North Carolina Keith Lamont Scott was fatally shot by the police. (…)

cos3_class1_readingscoversWhy Read? Holding education and discussion groups as organizing strategy

This week Alliance Against Displacement (AAD) begins our third Conditions of Struggle education series. (…)

ImperialMetalsarrestVancouver police violence at peaceful Imperial Metals protest

On Tuesday August 9, 2016, I joined the Secwepemc Womens Warriors Society, Ancestral Pride, Indigenous activists, and allied supporters in an occupation of the Imperial Metals office at 580 Hornby Street. (…)

GootGesProfile of a Lelu Island land defender – A Conversation with Goot Ges

When the Indigenous land defense of Lelu Island began in 2015, Goot Ges was among the first organizers to commit to protecting Lax U’u’la, also known as Lelu Island. (…)

Pipeline-knotCourt overturn of Enbridge continues pushback against colonial resource extraction

On June 30, 2016, Canada’s Federal Court of Appeals decision to overturn the government’s approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline project was made public. (…)

Caring Society rally at parliament Feb 10 2016Caring Society vs Canada – foster care is modern day residential school for Indigenous people

On January 26th, the Human Rights Tribunal of Canada made a historic ruling for Indigenous peoples and children. (…)

homeless signNo homelessness on stolen Native land? How demands for wealth redistribution can rely on colonial domination

with Ivan Drury

These days, a lot of thinking about how we organize our social movements is focused on the connections between different struggles. (…)

blm_VancouverBlack Lives Matter from Vancouver to Toronto

On April 17th, Black Lives Matter (BLM) Vancouver held their first rally with hundreds in attendance. (…)


How do we leap towards a better future? An Indigenous perspective on the Leap Manifesto

The months leading up to the 2015 federal election stirred up demands for change so that all of us can live the lives we want. (…)

Indigenous marcher carries sovereignty sign in VANDU's July 2014 City Wide housing march (pic. from Mainlander)

Asserting Our Rights – Oppenheimer tent city challenges the limits of government talk on First Nations legal rights

On July 10 organizers of the tent city at Oppenheimer Park put the City of Vancouver’s empty words to the test. (…)


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