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photo_color2The Chinatown Shockwave

with King-Mong Chan

Redeveloped in 2009, anti-poverty activists have described the Woodward’s project as creating a ripple effect of gentrification throughout the Downtown Eastside. This redevelopment project at Abbott St. and West Hastings St. brought in 536 condos and despite including 125 welfare-rate units for singles and 75 social housing units for families, the ripple effect led to various negative consequences for the existing community. Contributing to the gentrification of the area, the Woodward’s project led to a change in retail character, as low-cost retail was pushed out, and at least 404 low-income units in privately owned single room occupancy hotels within an one-block radius were lost because of rent increases. However, compared to what happened at Woodward’s, the situation in Chinatown is even more grim. (…)