Family of Humanity (Poem from the Maple Ridge Homeless Camp)

May 7, 2015

We walk the streets
day in and day out
We scrape to eat and survive
that’s what it’s all about
The city only wants to
throw us away,
But we are people and have
feelings too so why can’t we stay?
We take the fall for all the wrong
as we have rights too,
And we stand strong.

We are sick, we are women
and children and we are old.
We need to be safe so won’t fold.
We fight for our rights
with equality for all,
Because together we stand
and united we fall.
We open our hearts and minds
to see, there’s not much difference between you and me.
The Family
of Humanity

This poem was written and distributed as the first public statement of the Cliff Avenue tent city in Maple Ridge

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