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ward_cover_volcano-oct-16-2As 2016 comes to a close, The Volcano editors are assembling the first issue of 2017, the Winter issue. We are hoping that our dedicated readers can offer us one time or recurring donations to help us print this next issue.

The Volcano is a grassroots newspaper that publishes news for low-income, working class and Indigenous communities across British Columbia. In 2015, we started publishing as The Volcano, marking a shift in our editorial vision to include wider struggles against displacement and dispossession faced by our communities across the province. In 2016, we started publishing a weekly online newsletter to help us keep up with current events. After two years of publishing as The Volcano, we have seen our readership grow, our distribution increase, and have received encouraging responses from communities in the Lower Mainland, across BC and as far away as Toronto.

winter-2016-cover-art-gord-hillThe Volcano continues to publish in print because we see the need of our communities to have access to voices and perspectives that reflect their experiences and analyses. Many of our readers do not have access to online media. The 8,000 copies of The Volcano published quarterly each year reach those who are most affected by the forces of displacement from their homes and on the streets.

The Volcano is funded solely through donations received by community members. We don’t rely on institutional funding of any kind. We use our funds raised to cover the costs of printing our issues, and paying volunteer distributors’ costs for travel. Any amount that you are able to contribute goes a long way to making The Volcano possible.

Our 7th issue, Winter 2017, is set to print at the end of January. To support our publication, consider the following donation options:

eds_volcano-4-panel-cover_smallMake a $50+ one time donation; $10 monthly recurring donation; or $20 monthly recurring donation and receive all 4 issues of The Volcano 2017 mailed to your house. Click here to make a reccuring donation or a one time donation.

And check out our special holiday offer: Need a last minute gift? Do you hate xmas but still need to give? If you make a $10 monthly recurring donation or $60 one time donation for your mom (or anyone else) we’ll send your mom a thank you note on Christmas day (or any day that you choose). We’ll also send her the 2016 back issues. Write “holiday offer” in the comment section when you pay.

Please consider giving the gift of grassroots publishing by making a donation to The Volcano. If you are not able to give financially, please help us spread this callout for support on social media or in your community.

In solidarity,

The Volcano editorial collective

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