Top 10 of 2016 – This year’s 3 most-read Volcano articles and 7 you might have missed: By the Editors

In 2016 The Volcano published more than 200 articles in 3 print newspapers, one special edition insert about the summer’s 6-city anti-displacement summit, and 25 weekly online newsletters. This is a huge amount of grassroots reporting, which relies on activists and low-income community leaders for news. Our volume alone is impressive considering that it was done entirely by volunteers, all of who are also activist organizers and community leaders, and without any institutional funding.

We are also proud that The Volcano is not just churning out clickbait – every one of these 200 articles was written and published because it was needed. Our writers report on news that is not being covered anywhere else, with anti-capitalist and anti-colonial analysis that is not being developed on a day-to-day level by other media.

These are not the “best” articles we published this year. They are the 3 most-read (according to our website stats) and 7 most-overlooked (according to those stats and our intuition) articles that we published this year. We encourage you to take a look at these, and to spend some time on our website to see what else you missed this year.


superintentcityThree most-read


March at Norway House Cree Nation in support of Jordan's Principle, May 10, 2016. The "child first" principle is named after Jordan River Anderson who died at the age of 5 and unnecessarily spent his entire childhood in foster care.

Seven you might have missed

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