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City of Duncan uses courts to displace tent city sending homelessness back into hiding

On Tuesday April 18th, the City of Duncan won an injunction against homeless residents who are camped at Charles Hoey Park. (…)

BC anti-election column: BC Liberals and NDP both promise a renewed war on street-level drug dealers

As a former harm reduction worker, I remember previous periods of strong drugs and high rates of overdose. (…)

MOLLISON free support with every arrest imageNew Year, Same Fight – Resisting cops as mental health workers in Victoria

On January 9, acting Victoria Police (VicPD) Chief Del Manak requested that Victoria City Council add $240,000 to VicPD’s $52 million annual budget in order to embed more police in mental health services. (…)

Terry Lake, Christy ClarkResponses to the overdose crisis must include an end to prohibition

with Sarah Sheridan

People across Canada are continuing to die at staggering rates from illicit drug overdoses. (…)

image4 (1)On Eviction Day, Super InTent City Releases Collective Housing Demands

This Monday, August 8th marked the court ordered eviction day of Super Intent City, the tent city on Victoria’s courthouse lawn. (…)

SICimageAgainst the Court Injunction, the fight for freedom continues at Super InTent City

On July 5, 2016, the much anticipated Super InTent City (SIC) injunction ruling came down. And down it came. (…)

MOLLISON_tent city housing win_SIC rally in February against the first injunction threat demanding homes_PIC FLUX PHOTOSuper InTent City wins permanent housing for Victoria!

On June 15th, the Province announced its purchase of Central Care Home to provide 140 units of permanent social housing in Victoria. (…)

victoria2 copyWhen “rights” are not enough – Lessons from Tent City Resistance

with Ivan Drury

It felt like a major victory when, this spring, the courts refused to grant an injunction to the Provincial government to remove Super InTent City (SIC) from the lawn of the Victoria court house. (…)

superintentcity“Enlarged Citizenship” in Coleman Country – The failure of BC Housing creates tent cities where homeless people are building their own power

with Ivan Drury

Forty tents set up on the Victoria courthouse lawn surround a sacred fire, open kitchen, and supply tent. Within its first three months, over a hundred people have made this tent city home. (…)

victoria_stoppoorbashing_signs_picA grassroots reply to the City of Victoria’s “Sheltering Solutions” – The Needs of the Homeless in the Interests of the Housed

with Flora Pagan

On September 16, the City of Victoria will host a “Sheltering Solutions” workshop for the general public to help identify temporary solutions to homelessness. (…)

pg17_homelessdeaths_chalkoutline_posterizedStreet Deaths are Preventable – Victoria groups organize a week of education and action

In mid-June a coalition of groups in Victoria came together to host Street Deaths are Preventable Deaths: Week of Education and Action about the fatal impact of poverty and homelessness. (…)

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