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nochixtlan1Resisting Policies, Changing Politics – Lessons from Oaxaca’s Teacher Movement

B.C.’s Minister of Education Mike Bernier recently fired the Vancouver School Board arguing that it had “misplaced focus on political tactics rather than responsible stewardship.” Arguments such as these are often used to imbue “common sense” to plans to privatize education and turn schools into luxuries only available to those who can afford it.(…)

AGUILAR_Rally for Oaxaca at VAG Sunday June 26_Pic by FLUX PHOTO from VMC articleResistance continues against the state massacre of teachers in Oaxaca

On Sunday, June 19, 2016, members of Oaxaca’s Sección 22 teachers union and hundreds of students, parents, and community members who had come out in support of the teachers, were attacked by federal police while guarding a roadblock in the town of Asunción Nochixtlán. During the confrontation, police fired tear gas, used helicopters, blocked access to the local hospital in order to prevent wounded protesters from receiving treatment, and shot at the crowd with high-caliber automatic rifles. The final toll was 11 dead and hundreds injured. (…)

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