Everyone Is An Addict!

Tracy Scott, from Maple Ridge
Tracy Scott, from Maple Ridge


Everyone has an addiction

of some kind

Not wanting to admit it

Only playing dear or blind


There’s drinking eating shopping

smoking and money too

There’s gambling gaming sex religion

There’s coffee and weed

To which most people do


Some are addicted to street dope

Some to prescription drugs you see

But they would never admit it

to you or me

As humans we are creatures of habit

So when we want what we want


We find the way to go out and grab it

We all have addictions

No matter what they may be

drugs or candy

music or tv

It all becomes our personal drug

to which we feed


We all point fingers at one another in


Reality is we point the blame to

deflect our own shame

A drug is a drug

No matter what it may be


We use it to feel better

To cope

And to feel free

No one is beneath anyone

To what i can see

All equal as humans

We just abuse differently


Take a look at yourself

And what do you see?

What is your habit?

Your drug?

Your crutch?

What helps you to feel free?


Some like the thrill of danger

Some like pain

Seriously look

And ask yourself

The next time you go to put someone


What do i have to gain?


When we point the finer




Its understanding and heart to which

we lack

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