No One Grows Up Wanting

Brad (Madman)

All should have to live the life

That we were forced to do

For just a little while at least

To understand our point of view

No one grows up wanting

To live on some dirty street

And be judged a loser

By the strangers that we meet


We live outside the box

Society’s built for our control

And anger them still further

Fighting for the rights they’ve already stole

Some decided to be here

Others had no choice

But we all demand respect

With one united voice


The system created who we are

Then blames us for our plight

Knowing exactly in the end

They’re going to lose the fight

We’re stronger and we’re smarter

And too dam tough to kill

Everything they do to us

Only makes us stronger still



(poem from Brad on the Surrey Strip, 24 Sept 2016)

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