We Are All Persons and We Belong! Homes for All! Decolonization Not Criminalization!

2016_fall_volcano_insert_final_page_1This supplement to the Fall 2016 Volcano newspaper collects discussions and lessons from the “Together

Against Displacement and Dispossession” summit held by the Alliance Against Displacement on June 11-12, 2016. Attendees included people from Victoria’s Super InTent City, Maple Ridge’s Cliff Avenue Tent City, Abbotsford’s Dignity Village, Surrey’s 135A Strip, Burnaby’s Stop Demovictions Campaign, The Volcano newspaper, and Downtown Eastside groups, including Our Homes Can’t Wait, DTES Power of Women group, Chinatown Action Group, and VANDU.

This supplement collects these discussions and lessons in one place where they can be further discussed, critiqued, and developed. We think these articles help clarify the meanings of our discussions, and express the potential for the poor, Indigenous people, and the working class to come together in a broad movement of the displaced.

Table of Contents

2-3  | Portraits of Regions in Struggle

4      | Common Language, Common Struggle – Defining the Terms of our Times: By Ivan Drury

5      | We Are All Persons and We Belong: By Dave Diewert

6      | Homes for All – Our Homes Can’t Wait (OHCW) Campaign Works for DTES Housing: By Jean Swanson

7      | Liberation & Decolonization – Discussion groups change our hearts and minds: By Natalie Knight

8     | Three Pledges of Struggle: By Together Against Displacement & Dispossession Summit

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