Copper skin: By West Coast Raindrop – Sadie Morris


Sadie Morris, right, at the Burnaby Anti-Imperial Squat, August 2016.

i felt like a tarnished penny for so long


my copper skin was like a sentence of the damned

and my scars whispered

you deserved it:  you tarnished penny


i believed the toxic shaming lie

who hissed: i am the truth

while it wrapped around my throat


a shell of a woman who created a beautiful soul… a channel into earth


she says i am pretty and playful

and i love you


she tells me I love you

her whispers resonate throughout the morning sun and flicker

like a candle in the dark


she has no hidden agenda

no gains to make

her clear declarations rattle me to the core


then i struggled

was the whispering lil truth really a lie?


if the loving Maker gave me this gift of life

deemed me to be the steward

…tells me i am worthy


i stopped listening to the venomous lie


my copper skin is now one facet of my identity


i refind my voice

and share the truth with my daughter:  we are worthy we are strong and we are responsible


we are also our brother’s and sister’s keeper

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